A Science Fiction-Documentary Film

Family-robot Pepper is playing with the kids and helping with housework in a Parisian home. Robot Atlas is working for the US army. Harmony, a silicon robot, is living with Andy, a human, in a relationship. Teacher-robot Nao is assisting refugee children to learn German. The robots are at our doorstep. Scientists and tech-visionaries are certain that in a few years robots will be an integral part of our everyday life. But robots are more than just another gadget. Bearing a resemblance to living creatures in their conduct and looks, humanoid robots are like new beings on our planet.
Robots will change our workplace, our families and our relationships. And they possibly will change man himself. In WE ARE THE ROBOTS, the robots are central characters, treated equally to their human counterparts. A feature length observational documentary portraying future life on planet Earth.

Funded by FFF, Media, Docmine, BKM, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film. Produce by Kloos&Co. Medien GmbH, coproduced by ZDF